We provide warehousing facilities in strategicallyplaced locations so as to give multiple options to our clients for resourceful distribution networks.
Our well-equipped warehouses serve as a space for storage purpose, which is often a cited need by our business partners. Additionally warehousing reduces the inventory and transportation costs when it’s a service well taken care of, which we at FormulaOne take very seriously.
Warehousing services mainly include storage, consolidation, repacking, documentation, labeling, invoicing, inventory management, control checks on entry and exit of goods, distribution and service support.
We also prioritize warehouse management and practically conduct it through a systematic and smart set of processes. Providing in-house lodgings for our staff serves to cut down the time for change overs, thus ensuring time-effcient operations.
Our material-handling services take into account the safety, health and environmental protection while storing, transporting and delivering all kinds of goods.
Strict controls are in place to ensure that the cargo is always adequately handled by our team, which with its expertise and training manages to maintain optimum conditions for different kinds of freight. We also invest generously in the stock-maintaining facility.