We remain present and proactively at client’s service throughout the year for taking freight orders.


The helpline service runs round the clock, integrating and connecting operations with customers. This single-service window resolves problems provides information as well.


Periodic Trainings for Team

We are immensely committed to the principle of training our team and evolving our operational capability as well updating their competence to meet challenges of all kinds – over topics including HSE, logistics, material handling and to implant a drive.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

It is employed for trace-and-track purposes as well as for other processes such as daily reporting, PO generation, invoices, etc. Real time tracking is also offered to the client.


Dedicated and Diversifed Vehicle Fleet

Assigned vehicles, for specifc clients, are always available and on the go for them. We have a variety of these at our disposal, thus warranting frst-rate logistic support. Examples include long haul vehicles, liquid carrier, refrigerated cargo, container vehicles