Our distribution capabilities cover transporting general cargo and heavy consignments both with effciency and extra care so as to meet the project deadlines issued by the client. We have a fleet of dedicated vehicles for the specifc requirements of any given client. Moreover, our company vehicles come with installed equipment that is important for a dependable quality cargo-handling.
We can arrange for a solution to any transport requirement and act as the single-source logistics window for all deliverables moving through a supply chain.
Our team, with its expert supply-chain managers ensures not just the tracking and visibility of goods, but also facilitate the client with their inventory costs and sourcing requirements. Through these solutions FormulaOne champions to deliver signifcant competitive advantage as a transport provider.
We take into careful consideration the uniqueness of our customer’s requirements and cater to them accordingly by putting our network dynamics to use.
We also provide mentioned facilities to carry out lean logistical operations.
Our service ensures professional effciency and comprehensive customer satisfaction
Dedicated vehicles and timely deliveries are undoubtedly two components in any logistic service you’d require for meeting your professional commitments within tight confnes of time. We guarantee both of these. We assign specifc vehicles for specifc customers, as per their request and requirements, merely for their use as part of the dedicated-fleet service.